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SF-0102 Imprex DUO

The SF0102 Imprex Duo fin features TUSA’s patented Angled Blade Design and multi-compound foot pocket, increasing power transfer to the fin blade. The Imprex Duo also features a two material design for high performance and reinforced side-rails creating stability, for powerful propulsion without fatigue.      

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The SF-22 Solla combines TUSA’s rich history of performance fin design with the latest advanced materials and hydrodynamic innovations. A completely new design, the Solla has several unique features that deliver superior propulsion, speed and maneuverability. The SF-22 is powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade […]

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The Liberator X-Ten fins are made with a specially designed compliant material that gives the entire blade a flexible bending force. Dynamic stabilizers on the blade surface and rails facilitate water flow which generates optimum propulsion with minimal exertion. This racy design is made from the most advanced and durable materials to provide ideal flexibility […]

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The SF-8 X-Pert Zoom split fin is unlike traditional fins which create propulsion only through repulsive force, the SF-8 attains propulsion by creating a pressure differential in the water flow using Propeller-fin technology. TUSA’s Angled Blade Design: When using the standard traditional blade fin, with the leg completely extended, there remains an angle of 27° […]

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